Wilo Mather & Platt

Hydro Pneumatic Pressure Boosting System, Wilo Mather & Platt

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BrandWILO Mather & Platt

Functional Overview

• Wilo Mather and Platt Pumps Pvt. limited Pressure booster system is based on state-of-the-art and flexible technology to meet the current and future Indian customer requirement in plumbing application.
• The New Pressure boosting system is specially designed for automatic control for Pumps in parallel, integrated with and without Variable frequency drives in duty as well stand by operation in different applications.
• The Booster controller is equipped with a multi color, compact screen, user friendly touch screen HMI (Human Machine Interface) which offers a very simplified control and input unit, menu navigation for easy operation and Control.
• The Booster system operates pumps ON/OFF to maintain constant pressure system irrespective of variation in the flow or demand based on pressure sensor signal received by controller. When there is no demand pumps will stops automatically and starts automatically once again demand increases.
• The booster systems can be supplied with MVI,MHI,MHIL and NL pumps. Focused to compute Indian market to fulfill the price and specification GAP between present top and lower end booster systems.

Scope of Supply

Pumps: MVI 6” and 8” PN16 , MHI, MHIL and NL pumps PN10
Base Frame & Stands: MS Zinc Coat.
Pipe work: MS Zinc Coated PN16.
NRV and Ball Valves: Brass Chromium for MVI 6” and MHI/L, SS 304 and CI.
Pressure Rating: PN 16.
Panel: 0.75kW to 22kW 2 to 4 pumps up to 7.5kW DOL above 7.5kW Star Delta Starting.
PLC Controller: Schneider Electric Make PLC.
VFD Make: Danfoss FC Micro FC051 up to 22kW.
Pressure Transmitters : Huba / Danfoss 4-20ma 16 Bar
Motor Make: Wilo Branded IE1 Up to 22kW.
Models: Fixed speed , Single VFD and Multiple VFD.