Rain Water Harvesting Introduction
Rain Water is considered as one of the purest form of water suitable for drinking and cooking.
Rain Water Harvesting Setup from our own Roof Top!
From our own Roof Top!
Do It Yourself!!!
Design your own economical Fiber (PP) filter tub with bottom slotted and mesh rounded is fitted in the building roof and connected to a collecting Tank for Rain Water Harvesting. You can also contact us for guidance.
Rain Water Harvesting Methods
Rain Water is considered as the most cleanest water when compared to ground waters in most locations and also when compared to other commercial RO purification systems.
* We can collect an average of 1,00,000 litres of water from a building top floor with 1,000 square feet area during winter with normal raining conditions.

* Rain Water can be stored like grains and cereals for longer durations provided with leak proof Tanks usually LDPE, MDPE or PP materials. Should be heat proof and leak proof underground sumps or Loft tanks in our kitchen preventing from direct sun light.
* Simple natural filtration methods can be used to filter rain water using fine and coarse sand, gravels and pebbles, wood charcoal, mesh filters. Gravity feed systems will help in getting the rain water all through the year if stored in high roof or lofts.

*  Though we have rain water harvesting system, we let go most of the rain water wasted through our sewage system directly to the sea. We need to enhance our rain water harvesting system by storing rain water considerably atleast for our own usage.
Rain Water Harvesting Rooftop
Rain Water Harvesting Steps
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