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TypeVertical Pump MaterialCast Iron

Vertical Pump


Operating Data:


Capacity             :Up to 1400M3/Hr

Head                 : Up to 100 Mtrs(328 feet)

Temperature     : Up to 120 Deg Celcius

Casing Pressure: Up to 16 Kg /cm2

Pump size        : DN 25mm to DN 300mm

Speed              : Up to 2900rpm




  •  Vertical suspended with open / closed impellers
  •  Simple mounting & self priming
  •  Upto 10 mtrs submersion depth
  •  Simple , fast external impeller adjustment.
  •  High Efficiency, Sturdy, Space economy




  •  Vo Type pumps are used in Chemical & Petrochemicals Industry,
  •  Food industry, Sugar industry, Paper & pulp Industry
  •  Fertilizer Units, Granite Unites & etc.,
  •  Handling all types of liquids,Acids, Alkalis, Dyes, Hydrocarbons, Corrossive Slurries,
  •  waste water, & Sludge water etc.